Our Story

My name is Mondi Gale Karvouniaris and I created 28 Inc. out of a desire to prove to my daughter that life can be beautiful and that you can create your own happiness and prosperity through serving others.

As Joyce Maynard says:

It's not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. 

I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it myself.

28 Inc. is me reaching for the sun. It is me growing through years of surviving and carrying grief after my husband was shot and killed when our daughter was 10 weeks old. It is me sharing my raw and unapologetically authentic self with the world. I have partnered with some incredible people in a variety of initiatives across all areas in which I have learnt and grown in my life. 

This is me, finally listening to what the universe has been telling me for years to do, and creating the businesses I need to create to help in all the ways I know how.

And if you know me, you know how much I read and how I like to share quotes.

So I leave you with this

"If God gives you something you can do, why in God's name wouldn't you do it?"

Stephen King

This is us.

Mondi Gale Karvouniaris

If you want to know more about my personal journey, read my blog at NotesforNova.com